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Snails Bon Appetite is situated in the beautiful Congewai Valley, within the world-renowned Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Flanked by the picturesque Watagan Mountain range our Escargot are bred in a pollution-free, rural environment - just 2 hours north of Sydney.
Robert and Helen Dyball commenced snail farming in November 2000 fulfilling a 15 year 'dream' to breed and sell Australian farm-fresh, delicious, Escargot to the Australian market and beyond. Today, they continue to pioneer the Australia Heliculture Industry in producing the country's foremost domestic supply of fresh Escargot for leading restaurants, caterers, weddings, and lovers of fine food.

Snails Bon Appetite carefully breeds the 'domesticated' pedigree of edible snails, Helix Aspersa, over many generations of offspring. Snails are fed a strict diet - rich in calcium and other minerals to ensure a toxin free, healthy, plump and (did we already say?) delicious Escargot.
Our snails are prepared under the strictest guidelines to ensure compliance with NSW Food Laws and Regulations. Toxin-free, delicious escargot Snails are harvested once they reach 3cm in size. These plump, juicy, cream-coloured snails are then purged for 7 days in a clean, toxin free environment. The snails are then processed and vacuum packed at our Hunter Valley farm. Vacuum /cryovac packs of 12 ensure freshness.

Our Grower's Network generally ensures that SBA can supply fresh or frozen snails all year round. Live Purged snails are shipped overnight to ensure quality and freshness upon arrival. These are ailable on request.

Who can order snails?
Orders both large and small are welcome. We accommodate both wholesale and retail orders. Single, domestic or special-event orders are also welcome. Delivery is available anywhere within Australia. Export enquires are also welcome.

Snails in Tomato Sauce

Quarter and roast tomatoes in a slow oven with salt, pepper and vinegar for 1 hour. Fry off onions and garlic, add tomato paste and fry until the bitterness is no longer. Deglaze with red wine. Add chopped tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes. Finish with a sprinkle of sugar, balsamic vinegar, chopped herbs and season of choice. Heat fresh farmed Snails Bon Appetite snail meat through the sauce and finish with butter to enrich the dish.

Snails in Garlic Butter
Fresh farmed Snails Bon Appetite snail meat, butter, virgin olive oil, fresh garlic crushed, cream, lemon juice lemon pepper, herbs of your choice salt and ground pepper. Combine all ingredients. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices.

Snails in Champagne
Reduce 1 bottle of champagne to half, add and reduce onions to 1/3, 500ml of cream reduce to half, season to taste. Place in fry pan, butter and fry off. Add 30g of fresh garlic and fresh farmed Snails Bon Appetite snail meat. Deglaze with 100ml of brandy, finish with lemon juice, chopped chives and season.

On the menu @
When booking at any of these fine dining restaurants, please check and advise you are coming for Fresh Farmed Australian Escargots - from the Hunter Valley.

Hunter Valley:
The Verandah Restaurant -Palmers Lane, Pokolbin Ph:02 4498 7231
Bistro Molines - Tallavera Grove - Mount View Road, Pokolbin 02 490 9553
The Cellar Restautant - Hunter Valley Gardens Ph: 02 4998 7231
Peppers Restaurant - Peppers Guest House, Erkerts Road, Pokolbin

Port Stephens:
Zest Restaurant - Stockton Street, Nelson Bay 02 4984 2211

Sydney - NSW
Astral - Star City Casino, Pyrmont
Appertif - Kellett Street, Potts Point
Bistro Moncur - 116 Queen Street, Woolarah 02 9327 9716
Albury - Source Dining - Dean Street Albury -

Melbourne - Victoria
Circa Restaurant - Prince of Wales - Acland Street, St Kilda 03 9536 1128
Guillaumi Restaurant - Crown Entertainment Centre, Melbourne - 03 9693 3888
Da Noi Restaurant - Toruk Road, Sth Yarra
Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel -

Distributors and retail sales
Contact our distributors for your local restaurant
When booking advise the restaurant you are a lover of fine food and wish to order Fresh Farmed Australia Escargots from The Hunter Valley.
Fino Food and Wine - Oxford Street, Bulimba 07 3899 9414
Western Australia
Mondo Di Carne - King Edward Road, Osbourne Park - 08 9204 4099
Wangara Poultry - Arden Street, Kensington - 03 9376 8188
Direct from Snails Bon Appetite - Hunter Valley - 0419 291 866

Coming to the Hunter Valley?

Order snails the week before your visit and pick up from The Cellar Cafe - Hunter Valley Gardens

School and Tour Group Excursions
Visit our Snail Farm

SBA invite schools, students, associations and day-out excursions to visit Australia's foremost Snail Farm. Located in the beautiful Congewai Valley, in the Hunter Valley, our Head Office and Breeding Farm are just 2 hours north of Sydney.

A French cultural extravaganza awaits!

By appointment only, we can organize Hunter Valley excursions for school children studying French or French cooking classes. Come to the Hunter Valley to

  • Visit Snails Bon Appetite - Heliculture farm
  • Visit local French restaurants
  • Visit Hunter Valley vineyards where the making of Champagne is explained
  • Taste Hunter made 'french style' cheeses
  • For cost contact SBA during business hours 02 4998 0030

Have a Snail hunt

Snails Bon Appetite have great ideas to earn your association or school some cash rewards. Collect your own garden snails and sell them to us for breeding stock.

Reward:$5 / kg live snails

(prices can change without notice, please contact us for details)

Grow your own snails the SBA way

Install a snail farming kit or pen at your school or association and learn all about Heliculture. Raise snails and sell tbabiesback to Snails Bon Appetite. SBA provide a complete system and set of strict guidelines to be followed to produce edible, quality Escargot. We provide assistance and monitoring for your new snail farm, you purchase our formulated food mix at $6.00 / kg + P and H, and care for the snails.

Reward: $5 / kg

This is an ideal opportunity for a school project to introduce students to agriculture and business principles. See what Narara Valley High said about farming snails.

Contact us via the button below for more information on any of these opportunities.

See the Eat Fresh Drink Local video. Click Here.

French Food Safari returns to SBS 1 and features our snails in the menu of Robert Molines umong others. See the release.

EPISODE 4 - 14th July, 2011

Maeve and Guillaume travel to the mountainous Ardeche region of France to meet artisan goat cheese maker Jerome Herphelin and his happy herd of goats. Then it's back into the cellars below the Parisian streets to see how beautiful cheeses like Jerome's are carefully tended to be at their delicious best for customers. This is the work of a craftsman called an affineur and we meet Laurent Dubois, whose work with cheese has been so appreciated he was awarded a medal of honour from the President.
Back in Australia, Will Studd, who has also been awarded for his services to cheese, shows us the art of putting together a cheese plate.
Maeve visits one of Australia's snail farms where snails are bred especially for the table which are cooked for the quintessentially French dish escargots. Acclaimed local chef Robert Molines from Bistro Molines at Tallavera Grove cooks a snail vol au vent.
We meet rising restaurateur Warren Turnbull (Assiette and District Dining in Sydney) to see how beef cheeks are slow-cooked to their unctuous best then rolled in Tunisian brik pastry and served with a celeriac remoulade and fresh tasting sauce verte.
Guillaume Brahimi reveals how to make those jewel-like raspberry tarts that are popular in patisseries around the world. 

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To enable SBA to full fill all order requirements a Grower's Network has been established. Snail's growers are scattered throughout Australia and are busy growing our Helix Aspersa into delicious, plump escargots under the umbrella of Snails Bon Appetite. Growers follow a guideline established by SBA to ensure only healthy, toxin free snails are prepared and delivered to the Australian market.

SBA head office takes care of the breeding, purging, processing and marketing.


Minimum outlay/ grow out only/ minimum area needed/ unlimited support/ monitor growing provided/ growing stock provided/ guarantee buy back at 3cm, 8grams and cream in colour/ no marketing required/ $$$ returns guarantee.


A contribution fee is paid for this. The grower receives 'start up' 2500 start up snails of various sizes to grow out, special SBA dried food mix, all the support and monitoring that is required and a guarantee buy back of 50 cents per snail once they have reached 3cm, 8 grams and are cream in colour. Baby snail's, snail food and transport will be provided free of charge for as long as you remain a network member.

Joining fee: $2,200.00
Yearly fee: $3,300.00
Minimum entry period 2 years.
EFTPOS available

Download and complete an application form.

About Farming Snails

Snails take 9 months to grow to 3cm and 8 grams on our special food mix
Work Time required - depends on size 5000 -10000 - 10 hours a week
Daily requirements - feed, clean, remove dead snails and once a week aerate the soil
We will provide snails whenever needed beyond the initial 2500 but to expand into a commercial grower you will need to put in place a breeding program - we will walk you thru this system
SBA pay up to 50cents - once snails have reached our criteria = 3cm /8grams/cream in colour

Snails breed twice a year and lay 90-130 each time.
We recommend you put in place a breeding program /pen 1m square which will hold 300 breeding snails

  • Joining fee: $2200.00 Incl. GST
  • Yearly fee: $3300.00 Incl. GST
  • Pens can be made of any old material you have around the place, you will need pens (as shown on the DVD) covered by shade cloth either inside or outside under a shed or igloo
  • Water systems need to be installed, a: for watering on a timer systems at night to keep the snails active and eating b: a misting system controlled by temperature to keep the pens moist and cool on really hot days
  • Soil - potting mix with worms to aerate
  • Ratio for growing out snails 300 per square meter
  • more (up to 500) if you use the air pots/pipes etc.
  • Dried food mix. . To produce 1 kilo os snails (approx.125 @ 8 grams) snails will consume 0.04 - 0.10 g of food daily (depending on size)
  • Electricity to operate the watering system
  • Transport - we send next day delivery, live snails travel o.k. in a polyfoam box

Area Required:
Decide how much you would like to earn yearly - multiply by 2 multiply by 2 again (for next years crop)- divide by 500 = this will give you how many square meters you will need.
On going costs: Power, soil, water
No charge: food, transport, babies

The costs stated below are based on 'new' product, however old materials lying around your property can be used, snails don't mind if their homes are made of 2nd hand material. We recommend snails be raised in a controlled area to achieve the best climate and pest control for the purpose of breeding and growing out, if you wish to breed out doors by all means feel free to do so.

COST: *costs are approx. depending on the size of your farm - all prices include GST.
  • Joining Fee: $2,200.00
  • Covered igloo: $5,000.00*
  • Suggest 6 x Pens: $4740.00 - ($790.00 each)
  • Misting System: $1200.00*
  • Soil: $ 400.00*


  • Fee: $3300.00
  • Power
  • Water
  • Soil
NO CHARGE: Dried Food Mix/Transport/Babies

UPFRONT COST: $16,840.00

Igloo/pens/ can be made of 2nd hand materials - hence cutting the set up cost quite considerably.
Area required to grow out is 500 per square meter using air space.
Each snails breeds 90-130 snails twice a year -
if pens are in clean controlled condition
1 x 1 square meter breeding pen
= 500 x 100 = 50,000 babies x twice a year = 100,000 say mortality rate 10% = 90,000 babies
Purchase price thru SBA Growers Network @ .50cents = $45,000.00

The breeding and growing out section of snail farming can be fun and interesting, time required to maintain your farm is dependant on the size of course, however the daily routine of feeding, cleaning and removing dead snails should take 2-3 hours daily, we suggest you do this early morning or late afternoon to avoid disturbing snails in the heat of the day.

The above should be seen as a guideline and it is recommended that an independent analysis and your own due diligence should be carried out.

Download and complete an application form.

Snails Bon Appetite has developed Australia's only commercial Snail Farming Kits. Available for those wishing to enter this new growth industry known as Heliculture!

'Deluxe' Kit

The Deluxe snail farming kit consists of:

  • 2 M x 2.4M greenhouse
  • Frost and rain cover
  • Galvanized shelves - rust proof
  • Galvanized steel securing ground pegs
  • Snail escapee skirt - prevent predators in
  • Maintenance free frame
  • Built- in shelf system
  • Unique long life uPVC construction
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Impervious to white ants
  • 5 year manufactures guarantee
  • Will house 2000 snails - free range.
  • Easy do-it-your-self installation instructions


Pictured here also are a range of pens manufactured for Snails Bon Appetite. These pens make farming snails a breeze, from breeding pens to growing out pens for your green house, SBA can provide what you need.

Breeding - An alterative to the Grower's Network

Sick of those snails eating your veggie patch or beautiful garden?
Have precious pets and don't want to bait snails?
Let us know and we will direct you to a Network Grower near you.

You will need :
To pick up a polyfoam broccoli box from Woolworths/Coles or Grocer -
Place at least 6 sheets of newspapers on the bottom
Add lettuce leaves, place snails in, make small air holes.

To be a BREEDER or to FUND RAISE you need;

  • To build a pens out of anything around your place (not treated pine) - We also sell pens see attached
  • Cover with a shade cloth lid - to keep them from escaping
  • Place soil and plants inside along with food and water stations
  • Collect large 3cm+ snails for breeding
  • Purchase snail food from us $6.00 per kilo which will last a long time -depending on how many snails you have ( this is our quality control) and they should do the rest

TIME: well it all depends on how many snails you have -
Food and water stations need to be cleaned at least every 2nd day
Water each night and morning
Keep their pens clean from rotten food scraps
We pay $40.00 per 1,000

Collecting and Breeding is an important part of our project and we need all
the support we are able to get.

This is an excellent project for school's to do throughout the school year. See what Narara Valley High said about farming snails.

...and remember, "live life at a snails pace."

Our Grower's Network DVD is for sale online right now. Buy your copy and learn every detail of how the network operates. See footage of snail farming and see just how simple it is. This is a must-have resource for those seeking to enter this new industry.
The cost is $55 plus $10 postage and handling. See our price lists here.

Snail serving shells - large (imported)

Large snail serving shellls For those who like to serve snails in the French tradition. Large snail shells are available complete with a French garlic butter recipe!

Large snail tongs

suitable for use with large French snail shells.

Snail and Port Pate
Cooked in cream, garlic, herbs, butter and port this snail meat pate' has a smooth texture, and deliciously earthy flavour. Ideal as a pallet teaser or served after dinner with your favourite crackers and cheese. Watch your friends' faces when told what they are eating!!!!

Snail Farming "How to" DVD
All of your snail farming questions answered in a film that outlines the Snails Bon Appetite Farming method. This is a 'must have' for anyone thinking about farming snails. The DVD is for sale here online. please go to the "Farm Snails" section of this site. For all other items, please contact us for specific costs. Payments can be made by cheque, money order, Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa and EFT.
See our price lists